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Quick start

New to the Asana API? Build your first app with our step by step quick start guide. Learn to create and authorize with a token then create tasks via the API.

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Tutorial: Export status updates to a CSV

Learn to read status updates from Asana and share them in another tool. This step-by-step tutorial, example app, and recipe will help you build an app that can generate a report of status updates.

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Automate tedious work in powerful, bespoke ways with our platform features like rule actions, webhooks, and our API. Learn about how you can automate workflows.


Plug your app directly into the Asana UI with app components. Build app components on the surface of tasks or rules so that customers can use their favorite tools and stay in flow.


Many apps in our App Directory create Asana tasks and kick start workflow from other tools. Learn about building and publishing apps that keep work tools connected.

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