We're committed to keeping the developer community informed about changes to the Asana API. The changelog is the single source of truth for new endpoints, improvements, and changes to the API.

How to access the changelog

The changelog resides in a dedicated section within the developer forum. We chose to put the changelog on the forum instead of in the docs for these 2 benefits:

  1. The forum supports comments so developers can ask questions and give feedback about upcoming changes and we can provide answers
  2. Developers can subscribe to updates if they want to get notified about upcoming API changes

What's in the changelog?

Changes will have a dedicated topic in the changelog section of the forum. Depending on the nature of the change, the posts will contain:

  • A concise summary of the most significant changes made, as well as usage notes

  • Expected timelines for the various components of a change

  • Instructions for navigating any breaking changes

Get notified about upcoming changes

To ensure you know about upcoming changes relevant to your apps, we encourage developers to subscribe to the changelog directly by selecting the Follow button on the top right of the page changelog forum page:

By subscribing, you'll receive notifications of new posts and updates. Note: Be sure to configure your Email and Notifications settings under Preferences in the forum so that you receive notifications for your watched tags and/or topics.

Posts are tagged by the work graph object(s) involved in the change as well as if the change is potentially breaking. As such, you may wish to subscribe to specific tags that are relevant to your apps:

To subscribe to specific tags, click on the tag and then click the bell icon ( 🛎️ ) on the top right:


Please see the deprecation page for information about our deprecation process and how to navigate breaking API changes that use the deprecations process.

Contributing and providing feedback

We value developer feedback and encourage you to actively participate in the changelog forum. If you encounter any issues, have questions, or want to provide input about the changelog process, feel free to post in the relevant threads.