This section contains example use cases, scripts, and applications using Asana's API.



Visit devrel-examples on GitHub to view more example code, sorted by programming language.

"Hello world" with the official client libraries

See how to make your first API requests using some of our most popular client libraries.

Custom field analysis

Use this open source script to analyze the custom fields in an Asana workspace, then generate a CSV file of the processed data.

Portfolio to CSV export

With the portfolio to CSV export script, you can generate a CSV report of project metadata within deeply nested portfolios.

Triage bot

In this guide, you will build a simple triage bot that assigns tasks. This is a common Asana use case among users who work with support inboxes or request projects.

Workflow automation script

Asana's API enables customization and automation of your organization’s workflow through scripts built to specialize your use of Asana. Using Asana to track your work and leveraging Asana’s API to automate your processes is a powerful combination which can make your team much more efficient. Here's one example of how we do it at Asana.

Other bot examples

For more example ideas and inspiration, view additional examples of other bots you can build.