Update your app

Apps can be edited, updated, or deleted through the developer console. Unpublished (apps not in the App Directory) can be modified at any time. However, if your app is published, we do not permit you to edit the app. To update a published app, we recommend duplicating the app and submitting the edits to Asana by "submitting for review" again. To delete at published app, please reach out via https://asana.com/support.

Editing app directory content

If you only need to edit the content of your app in the App Directory you can reach out via https://asana.com/support to help get that updated. Otherwise, if you need to update both your app directory content and published app, please follow the instructions below.

Editing a published app

Developers have the ability to submit edits to a published app.

To begin the process, first duplicate your app:

After duplicating the original app, provide any edits to any configurations as needed.

When you are ready to submit your app for review, navigate to Submit for review in the sidebar when managing your app. On the app submission page, select I'm submitting changes to a published app in the Submission type dropdown:

Upon submission, your app will follow the standard review process. If the edits are accepted,
the original (i.e., previous) app will reflect the new updates, while the duplicate app can be used again for testing.

Duplicating an app

You can quickly create a brand new app with the same configurations of an existing one by selecting Duplicate app in the developer console.

This feature can help streamline the creation and management of different versions (e.g., staging, beta, production, etc.) of your application. As a result of this operation, the newly-generated app will retain the configurations of the original app, including:

  • Basic information (e.g., app name, descriptions, authentication URL, etc.)
  • Configurations of app components

Because the newly-generated app is its own unique app, the following will not be carried over from the original app:

  • App credentials (i.e., a new client ID and client secret will be generated)
  • Users who have completed OAuth
  • Organizations in which the app is available
  • Published listings in the app directory or app gallery

Delete a published app

To delete at published app, please reach out via https://asana.com/support.

Transfer app ownership

Domain administrators can request for Asana to transfer an OAuth application to another user in the domain. To begin the process, please complete and submit this form.