Submit your app

When you've built an application that you wish to share with the Asana community, you can visit the developer console to begin the app submission process.

By submitting an app for review, you'll have the opportunity to distribute your app publicly by listing it in the app directory (as well as in the in-product app gallery for apps with app components).

Submit for review

When managing your app in the developer console, select Submit for review in the sidebar to access the app submission form:


From there, you'll review an interactive "pre-flight" checklist of app features before submitting an app. This includes:

  • Adding an app icon that uniquely represents your app.
  • Setting up OAuth by adding a redirect URL.
  • Adding app images that show what your app can do.
  • Adding a short description to summarize what your app can do at a glance.
  • Adding a longer description (at least 250 characters) to tell users about the features of your app.
  • Adding information about your company to build trust with users.
  • Adding a support page URL so that users can seek help.
  • Adding your app’s privacy policy URL.

Along with building or providing the above features, you'll be able to submit additional app details through the submit form, such as setup instructions, a screencast video link, and other listing details.

App review process

Once your app has been submitted through the developer console, the review process will begin. At this point, the app will no longer be open for further edits. Note that if your app uses app components, your submission will go through a security review and QA process before it’s listed in the in-product app gallery.

You can track the status of your app submission on the same Submit for review page. If your app submission passes requirements, you'll receive an email notification that your app is ready to publish. At this point, you can select the Publish app button in the developer console to share your app:


If your app submission does not meet requirements, you will receive an email regarding the next steps (i.e., any changes required) to get your app ready for re-review.